Let the light carry your day

My two favorite moments of the day are morning and evening.

My morning starts with a short meditation, I don't immediately rush to read the news, but slowly try to wake up my body and mind.

When I get up, I switch on a dim light to the lamp above the dresser in the dining room and light a candle, I create my own peaceful moment. I open a notebook and write down a few thoughts. 

I let the pen travel freely with my thoughts on the paper without caring about the mistakes or whether the sentence will be complete or not. Calm music helps to ease the mind and comfortably wakes me for the day.

I repeat the same ritual in the evening. During dinner I might write down something about the day and about the thoughts it brought.
I dim the lights and let go of the day. I let the light carry my day.

Ehea products make everyday life meaningful. They are not just decorations or signs of status, but they become a natural part of their users' everyday life.

In the Teo lamp, the technology of the light source enables the light to be adjusted according to the rhythm and mood of the day. At the same time, the lamp can also be moved to the desired position. It's like a reminder that you decide how your day goes.

Each of our products has its own character and message - however, what they all have in common is that our products bring presence to your everyday life.