When the first brick pipes of the Roos clay foundry saw the light of day and got to their intended use, product sustainability was not thought of in the way that we see it today. The ways of taking care of our environment have changed and nurturing our environment has become our biggest common goal. As our operations develop, we strive to make a positive impact on our society.

Fortunately, curiosity and the desire for knowledge help us move forward. We want to take care of our own share and develop the sustainability of our operations, so that it carries over into all aspects of life. We know more every day about the environmental impact of living, which is why we understand that we must work daily to advance sustainability. We actively monitor the implementation of sustainability, we take care and we care. We want a more sustainable future and we also hope that our customers make a long-lasting purchase when buying our products.

  • Cultural heritage

    Nurturing cultural heritage is also part of Ehea's responsibility. We have a heritage that we respect, but also a courage that encourages us to move forward and shape our heritage for today, for the new generation. We think that we need to understand our history so that we can look forward.

  • Product manufacturing and raw materials

    Ehea's products are handmade in Finland. We get the raw materials from reliable operators and we know their origin. We know the people behind the product manufacturing process.

    We always manufacture our products in small batches. This way, we are able to monitor the quality and at the same time ensure that the company's finances remain on a sound basis.

  • Product safety and maintenance

    We test the products before we send them to our customers. We also carry out regular product testing. Our electrical products comply with the standards and we provide guidance on the safe use of the products.

  • Packaging and transport

    The packaging materials are made by a Finnish manufacturer and the cardboard raw material comes from a Finnish, certified forest. When planning the packaging, we have tried to ensure easy recycling of the packaging as well. The package contains just the necessary things and nothing extra.

    The transportation of the products is taken care of by reliable partners, who for their part closely monitor the emissions caused by transportation. We ourselves try to travel by bicycle and public transport as much as possible.

  • Social responsibility

    For us, responsibility also means that we take care of our employees. We encourage our employees to increase their equity through training. We believe that every day we learn something new. It is important to us that doing work is perceived as meaningful and important. At Ehea, we operate transparently and openly. We dare to speak and discuss.

  • A place to live for the generations to come

    Yes, we believe in our operations and products, but we do not believe that more and faster will carry us in the future. This is how we respond and act in accordance with the company's values.