On the way to Habitare fair

Hey there! It's the end of June. I'm sitting in the new Ehea Showroom here in Vaasa. I just went to Aroma for a salad lunch and now I'm enjoying the relaxed feeling of the afternoon. Streets had a wonderful mix of vacationers and people on their lunch break from work.

I now have the Habitare trade fair on my mind. The design, finishing and everything else related to new products is in full swing. I find myself subconsciously thinking about the appearance of the fair stand at any time and in any situation. An idea is not born by sitting and thinking, it needs time.

Habitare's theme this year is the most delicious: Layers . Oh yes! I like it a lot. Those who know me know that I'm always on a treasure hunt and I like to go around flea markets. I love making discoveries and thus creating beautiful layers in the interior of my own home - combining new and old.

Here is a quote from Habitare's website:

"The theme Kerroksia / Layers gives value to the layeredness of homes, spaces and objects and to the life lived. It reminds us of the cyclicality of design, the repetition of styles and how the old and the new run side by side every moment."

Someday I could introduce you to the treasures of my own home and how I have created my own layers in the interior. There are already many treasures in that adjacent picture. ;)

Here at the Ehean Showroom, I have also collected treasures, all of which have a memory or story associated with them.

Wishing you happy summer  days <3