FRIENDS OF EHEA: Inner light for life

It's always precious to step onto the yoga mat and sense what is going on in the most important moment that we have: right now. It's like a little exploration into the landscapes of the mind and the sensations of the body. Whether the yoga practice is short or long, it is always a moment dedicated to ourselves, creating a base to start a new day or end the past day.

The inner light becomes stronger in this moment. Presence is the red thread of yoga practice, which we try to maintain in and between poses. It can be the most challenging part of the workout, so you need to bring a lot of gentleness with you. You can practice being present in different ways, and the most important thing would be to find the one that suits you at that moment. Hear the sounds come and go. Can you spot them for what they are? How does the airflow feel in your nostrils? Could you be aware of what you are thinking for a moment? There isn't a wrong way to do yoga. At the center of everything is being with yourself, not performing the positions in a certain way.

The more often we are purely present, the more our inner light becomes stronger. That light works like a beacon, guiding us to live our own life. Who are you outside of titles and achievements? Being present strengthens our sense of self bit by bit, on the basis of which our self-confidence can also strengthen and help us in the twists and turns of everyday life. When we step off the mat, we are a degree more aware of our body and present in the movements of the mind. When we learn the art of stopping at that noble self, we can and want to stop at ourselves again. What would be more important.

The author is Wilma Hetemaj, the woman behind Ehea's product images. Wilma works as an entrepreneur and also has her own yoga school.