This is what we believe in, this is how we act

RESPECT . At Eheala, we respect the creativity and work of past generations . We exist so that the stories can continue to unfold and that the old know-how and manual skills are not forgotten. Respect for the work and manual skills of previous generations creates a strong foundation for Ehea's values. We respect the people around us . We listen and we hear. We also don't forget ourselves - we cherish our own time and value ourselves.

Nature also deserves our respect . We would have nothing if we didn't have nature around us . Our most precious legacy to the next generations is that they have a place to live and live.

HONESTY towards oneself and others. We believe that by being your authentic self you gain trust and get a genuine connection with people.

COURAGE to ask, be and realize. Ehea wouldn't exist if there wasn't courage and an encouraging atmosphere around it. Courage also brings self-confidence, which supports you in everyday life.

JOY is a skill that adults seem to forget somewhere along the way. At Ehea, we believe that working together, with joy, keeps us on the right path. Joy and playfulness give strength and energy to face things. Joy catches on easily and makes everyday life easier. Positivity is an asset that can be freely squandered.