Responsible everyday life at Ehea

For us, responsibility is small actions that, little by little, form a big whole. We use public transport and try to travel as much as possible also on foot or by bike. In this case, traveling and taking care of things becomes considerably more planned.

At the office, the waste is sorted according to the instructions. We sort the biowaste and recycle the soil created from the waste into our own garden. We only buy what we need and that's how we keep the office tidy. Work goes better too.

Ehea's products are handmade in Finland. We get the raw materials from reliable operators and we know their origin. We know the people behind the product manufacturing process because they are our most important asset.

We always manufacture products in small batches at a time. In this way, we are able to monitor quality and at the same time ensure that the company's finances remain on a sound basis. It may mean longer delivery times for our customers, but we believe you can wait if this happens.

We test the products before we send them to customers. All electrical products comply with standards and we provide instructions on the safe use of the products.

We put a lot of thought into designing the packaging. At first, we wanted the packaging to be top quality, a significant part of our new brand. Along the way, however, our minds changed. The most important feature of the packaging was that it would be durable and designed so that additional (plastic) padding was not needed. We wanted to make the packaging as easy as possible to recycle and such that the same packaging would work for different products. The packaging materials are made by a Finnish manufacturer and the cardboard raw material comes from a Finnish, certified forest.

Fortunately, curiosity and the desire for knowledge help us move forward. We want to take care of our own share and develop the responsibility of our operations, so that it carries over into all aspects of life. We know more every day about the environmental impact of living, which is why we understand that we have to work for responsibility every day. We actively monitor the realization of responsibility, we take care and we care. We want a more sustainable future and we also hope that our customers make our products when they choose a long-lasting purchase.