Ehea is a journey that started for me back in 2009.

Starting a company was not the first thing on my mind at that point, but the change to the fact that I am here now started at that time.

Life took me in a direction I hadn't planned or hoped for. Illnesses and loss of loved ones seemed to come one after the other.

Of course, that period fortunately also included some good events. In the fall of 2019, I was diagnosed with MS, which, to my great surprise put my life on the right track.

At the very beginning, Ehea was born on the pages of my notebook. While collecting the pieces of my mind, I was encouraged by the idea that I have permission to go and make my own dreams come true. I slowed down and began to see more clearly.

My thoughts were confirmed when one day in November I went to explore the old factory hall, where my husband's father's side of the family once ran business.

I have always been fascinated by the built environment. Human handprint and architecture. That's why research trips to the hall were always pleasant.

I listened to stories about that old factory and realized how much life was lived and work done in that old arched hall.

In the home album I found pictures from different decades and I slowly began to understand the size of the factory's operations and what kind of employer it had been in its time. I found magazine articles and various publications. While researching history, the idea that this story needs to be continued was reinforced to me. I thought about how the story could be continued in a completely new way.

I let time pass.

Let's go back in time to my own childhood, roughly forty years ago. Three generations lived under one roof.

Life was then lived strongly in the rhythm of the seasons, from one holiday to another. In winter, I remember clear starry skies and skiing in the field in the yard of our home. The darkness was exciting. In the spring, the mud puddles beckoned and in the summer we ran barefoot. Sometimes carrots were picked from the ground and washed with rainwater.

I'm a child of September and maybe that's why the autumns somehow always felt like the beginning of something new. At that time, the most beautiful place in our yard was a large branched maple tree, whose beautiful yellowish and reddish leaves you had to admire for a little longer.

Work and entrepreneurship were always present for us. I followed my father and my father's father working.

I fell in love with stories from my own childhood.

My father is a skilled carpenter and he has made cabinet clocks called bells in the footsteps of his own father - my father. The stories from us at home started to fall into place. I realized that I have been too close all the time to have learned to really appreciate them.

The feeling that this story should also be continued became stronger. I thought about how I could continue the story of my own family in my own way, so that I would leave the mark of my time on it.

I let time pass.

The enthusiasm and will for my own was now strong in my mind.

Everything started to come together more and more closely. As the pieces of my mind fell into place, I was encouraged. I decided that now is the time for me to trust myself.

I got encouragement from all around me.

I dared. <3

Right now, my dream isn't going anywhere. It's mine and it's in no rush. I believe in myself and that's enough. I listen to what intuition has to tell me, I trust the positivity and joy that I carry with me despite all the past events.

/ Tiina

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