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Teo Table Lamp

Teo Table Lamp

Brick Pipe Red

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Delivery time 2-4 weeks.

A ceramic lamp, handmade by molding, each a unique piece of art. The lamp is available in four different color options.

You can place the lamp on a surface in either a vertical or horizontal position. This way the light can be creatively reflected through different surfaces.

Assembly is done by hand in Finland.

Design: Jokinen Konu Design


Height: 24,5cm

Diameter: 19cm

Weight: 2,2kg

Cable: 1,8m


Wipe dry dust with a microfiber cloth. Fingerprints are removed with a damp microfiber cloth. After wiping with a damp cloth, dry the surface with a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid detergents and abrasive cleaners.


Delivery time is usually 2-4 weeks. Please notice: delivery time is depending on the destination country. For more information, contact our sales:

We deliver the orders to the address or pick-up point you provided with the order via Matkahuolto or the Posti service. We will inform you about deviating delivery times in our online store. You can track the shipment using the tracking code you received from us. We keep a small stock of the products. You will be in touch if you order a larger batch. Order processing may sometimes be congested and delivery times may be longer than normal.


The lamp is ready for use and its functionality has been tested in our production.

The bulb is already in place and it is E27.

The lamp comes with a wooden bolt, which allows you to remove the diffuser.

More detailed installation and usage instructions can be found here.

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Let the light carry your day.

ehea living aamuhetki nainen makaa lattialla olevalla futonsängyllä jossa vaaleat pellavalakanat naisen jalat ovat tyynyn päällä yöpöytä on tehty viidestä tiiliputkesta jotka ovat appeellaan tiiliputkien päällä levy jossa hajuvesipullo valkoinen teo valai
ehea living lähikuva valkoisesta teo pöytävalaisimesta koivuvanerisella tasolla tasolla myös voikukkia asetettuna kirkkaaseen juomalasiin kukinto alaspäin voikukan varsi on rullaantunut kauniisti rullalle


Today I have more than yesterday. More wisdom and understanding, more bumps and experiences. Things that make life worth living.

So let the light wake you up to a new day and receive it with a grateful heart. Be kind to yourself and let the light shine inside you as energy and gratitude towards life.


Let the light brighten your mind, your thoughts, your dreams and your future. If your mind is filled with rush, anxiety or fears, stop - take a deep breath and trust your own path. Wherever you're going, you'll find your way there.

Your journey is a lifetime, enjoy every moment of it. Everything you need is already in this moment. Tell good things, bring joy. Respect yourself and others.


As the light fades, remember to thank yourself for today. Embrace the softness and twilight of the light. It's time to calm down and let the body recover, to give up on this day. When you slow down, you see more clearly.

Now is the time to be quiet. Good night.

Designers of the Teo lamp

Jokinen Konu Design

The designer duo Jokinen Konu Design from Helsinki has been responsible for the design of the Teo lamp.